Mystic is a Web3 infrastructure company providing scalable blockchain technology with 100% renewable energy. Let's build the next world together. Orb

Introducing Mystic

Mystic is a Web3 infrastructure company with expertise in blockchain nodes, cryptocurrency market analytics, massive websites, and scalable, high-performance computing.

Founded by visionary members of the CoinMarketCap team, as well as technology wizards from Apple, Microsoft and Instacart, Mystic will help the computing industry cross over from this world into the next. We build systems to see the future, tapping into the ley lines of global connectivity and uncovering hidden trends before they emerge into the mainstream.

Our Gaia-friendly cloud computing runs on 100% solar power, establishing Mystic as the only major blockchain infrastructure company using completely renewable energy. With the Mystic cloud and our proprietary indexing technology, we can provide custom Web3 and Web2 solutions to institutional customers, while also serving realtime market data to end consumers.

If you had the power of foresight, what would you create? Contact us and we'll help you See Beyond.

Mystic Team

August 5, 2022

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