RTFKT - CloneX Mintvial FAQs

What Are CloneX Mint Vials?

CloneX Mint Vials are Ethereum-based NFT prints used to redeem Clone X Avatars. The CloneX Mint Vials were created by the RTFKT team before the launch of the CloneX drop and shortly before Nike Inc publicly acquired RTFKT. While thousands were made available at launch on ~ November 30th of 2021, only a handful remain as many Vials were burnt (consumed via Ethereum network transaction) to mint CloneX Avatars comprising the RTFKT x Murakami Collection. There is a 1:1 ratio of CloneX avatars yet to be minted to CloneX Mint Vials.

Who Is the Team Behind CloneX?

RTFKT is a creator-led organization using game engines, NFTs, blockchain authentication, and augmented reality combined with manufacturing prowess to create unique sneakers and digital artifacts for collectors. RTFKT has worked with Epic Games, Atari, and Fewocious before being acquired by Nike, INC.

What Makes CloneX Mint Vials Unique?

CloneX Mint Vials were created as a pre-reveal and minting mechanism for the fair distribution of CloneX Avatars from the RTFKT x Murakami collaboration.

What Are the Perks of Owning CloneX Mint Vials?

Owning a CloneX Mint Vial grants the holder the right to burn it for a fresh mint of CloneX Avatars. Otherwise, The holder may sell it to another Ethereum network user, or they may choose to hold the Vial to limit supply growth of the Clonex collection.

How Many CloneX Mint Vials Are There in Circulation?

There are less than 600 CloneX Mint Vials in Circulation in early 2022. Most of the vials have already been burned to mint CloneX 3D Avatars.

What is RTFKT - CloneX Mintvial worth?

RTFKT - CloneX Mintvial is worth $361.0M by market cap.

What is the RTFKT - CloneX Mintvial floor price?

The RTFKT - CloneX Mintvial floor price is $16,812.

How many RTFKT - CloneX Mintvial NFTs are there?

There are 20,000 RTFKT - CloneX Mintvial NFTs.

Where can I buy RTFKT - CloneX Mintvial NFTs?

You can buy RTFKT - CloneX Mintvial NFTs on the following marketplaces: X2Y2, LooksRare, and OpenSea.

How many RTFKT - CloneX Mintvial owners are there?

There are 307 unique Ethereum wallets that own at least one RTFKT - CloneX Mintvial NFT.

How many RTFKT - CloneX Mintvial NFTs have never sold?

How many RTFKT - CloneX Mintvial NFTs have been burned?

How popular is RTFKT - CloneX Mintvial?

RTFKT - CloneX Mintvial has 3,391 Twitter followers and 239,764 Discord members. There have been 1 RTFKT - CloneX Mintvial NFTs sold today, 1 sales this week, and 3 sales in the last month.
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